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  • Creating Leaderful Organizations

    Creating Leaderful Organizations

    By: joseph a raelin

    The times demand a new style of leadership. Employees today are highly trained and independent-they can offer much more to an enterprise than simply their obedience. And with the relationship between worker and organization constantly changing, no one person will likely be able to lead alone. Creating Leaderful Organizations presents...

  • Getting to Resolution

    Getting to Resolution

    By: stewart levine

    Our current models for ending conflict don't really work. They waste incredible amounts of time, money, and energy and take an enormous emotional toll on participants. The parties remain embittered, relationships are destroyed, and often the conflict just reappears later in a different form. In this second edition of his classic...

  • Managing.8.indd

    Simply Managing

    By: henry mintzberg

    This is a simplified, shortened, and updated version of the definitive title on management (Managing, which has sold over 70,000 copies) from management legend and best-selling author Henry Mintzberg....